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We Bloggin' Now!

Hi Queens!

We decided to launch a blog so we can be closer to you and you can be closer to us!

This past year has been such a whirlwind. When we launched July of last year our goal was simple. To dress as many curvy fashionistas as possible in garments that are bold, fit to perfection, and are long-lasting. We believe we've accomplished that!

Our mission has always been to show plus sized women that they are sexy and that they deserve beautiful high quality garments that reflect that. Society tends to put plus sized women into a box and decide what we can or can't wear (i.e. crop tops, sleeveless dresses, prints). Maria Paulina is a brand that says YES WE CAN! 

We are so excited and flattered with the great reception that we've received from the curvy style community. If you've ever bought a garment, shared our brand with a friend, or interacted with us on social media we thank you for helping us honor the women that inspired our brand Maria & Paulina!

 Me & My Grandmother Maria

We have so many cool things that we are working on that we can't wait to share them with you!!

Watch us work!

Chill with us on social media:

IG: @itsmariapaulina

Twitter: @itsmariapaulina


All the best,


Maria Paulina Founder

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